Buying with Kueski Pay is very easy


Purchase without card

You can make your purchases and pay up to 12 fortnights from your cell phone. The best thing is that you don't need a card! We finance your purchase and then you can pay it with the method that suits you best.

Discover how to use Kueski Pay in just 4 steps.

Make a single payment!
Kueski takes care

Now you can pay using your unique reference. You only have to make a deposit to your general balance and we distribute it among your purchases so that you pay less interest. That easy!

Pay up to 4 fortnights
with 0% interest

Choose the duration of the credit that best suits you, take control with Flexible payment methods and know the interest you are going to pay before making your purchase, without small print!

As simple as that! Make all your purchases today, try them, enjoy them and start paying for them later. Kueski Pay takes care of the entire process at Calzado Gaona while you enjoy the advantages of paying fortnightly with Kueski Pay.

Kueski Pay is a payment tool external to Calzado Gaona, check its terms and conditions at:

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