Promotions Policy


It is very important that you read the following terms and conditions before making any purchase in our store.

By making a purchase at the customer accepts these terms of use. reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of these terms and conditions of use, at any time. It is the user's responsibility to check for changes.

Calzado Gaona reserves the right to cancel the account and the service to clients who misuse or attempt to carry out an illegal act.


This procedure applies to promotions with shipments, special prices, which may be liquidation or differentiated prices, for sale product promotions and/or discount codes, as well as gift product promotions that may be line products.

  • 1.1- Differential price: It is a different price from the standard policy, adapted to the needs of the market.
  • 1.2- Liquidation Price: Price with the greatest possible discount for products where we need to finish their stock and/or products that present some aesthetic detail in their finish.
  • 1.3- Line product gift: It is a product that is delivered free of charge under promotion when making a purchase.
  • 1.4- Promotion in shipments: It is a total or partial offer with respect to the usual price of the shipment.

2.- Responsible.

  • 2.1- Applicant or client. Person who makes the promotion request.
  • 2.2- Business Development. Area in charge of promotion review and authorization.
  • 2.3- Prices. Area in charge of implementing special prices.
  • 2.4- Operations. Area in charge of receiving and delivering line gift products.
  • 2.5- Marketing and E-commerce. Area in charge of internal and external dissemination of the promotion.

3.- Policies.

  • 3.1- The promotion is only valid for entering orders during the authorized period.
  • 3.2- The limits and scope of each promotion will be specified through its means of dissemination.
  • 3.3- Any promotion may receive changes and/or adaptations without prior notice.
  • 3.4- If there are automatic promotions, this will be the one that is applied by default over any other promotion that exists in the same period of time.
  • 3.5- The client may request the promotion that best suits their needs, as long as it is active.
  • 3.6- Discount codes, purchase promotions and/or automatic discount percentages at checkout will not be applicable to any clearance product.
  • 3.7- Discount codes, purchase promotions and/or automatic discount percentages at checkout will not be cumulative, and if there are 2 or more active promotions, the customer will have the freedom to choose the one that best suits their needs. your needs, making your request through our customer service channels such as: Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, e-mail prior to completing your purchase.
  • 3.8- For exclusive promotions through a specific sales channel , it cannot be requested or applicable in a different sales channel.
  • 3.9- No promotion under any circumstances is applicable to wholesale and/or distributor purchases.
  • 3.10- Advertising is always determined on a start day and an end day, and we understand that it starts at 00:00 and ends at 23:59:59 on the closing day of the promotion; unless the type of promotion has a range of hours or an explicit closing time as strategy.
  • 3.11- All our discounts are limited by the time range that is published for said promotion or while stocks last.

For any questions or clarification, contact our Customer Service team through our social networks or by sending an email to

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